一个学士学位值得吗? 高等教育的价值


In 经济?


You may not hear a typical high school junior or senior ask these questions out loud, but the thought has probably crossed their minds as they grapple with the idea of what life might look like after high school.

Earning 你r college degree is a significant investment — one that is likely to pay off with higher salary potential in the long run. This is especially true if 你r degree means 你 can find a fulfilling career while potentially having a meaningful impact on 你r community.

帮助你权衡获得大学学位的利弊, we’re going to review the impact higher education has on society and what that impact could mean for 就我个人而言.



It’s totally fair to need more than high-minded ideas about the impact and value of higher education on the world 你的社区. 毕竟, 你有你的日常生活, 责任, 还要应对不断上涨的生活成本.

根据皮尤研究中心*, those with less education are more likely to fall out of the middle class each year. 随着商品和服务成本的上升, 大学文凭可以保证你的经济稳定.

平均, people who hold a bachelor’s degree earn $525 more per week than those with a high school diploma** — that adds up to more than $27,有学士学位的人每年可以多挣000英镑. 这个数字通常是偶数 硕士以上学历.

The Georgetown University Center on Education and the Workforce calculates that a college education can increase 你r lifetime earning potential by more than $1.200万年.

“During my time at UB I was a student working hard, but also a husband and father. 我接受了高质量的教育,得到了布法罗大学教职员工的支持, which enabled me to be successful in my career and a great provider for my family.——马特·彼得森,宾州大学

You’re More Likely to Save for Retirement and Less Likely to Experience Unemployment

You’re just starting 你r college and career journey and are likely not thinking about 你r retirement yet. 虽然我们都想早点退休, 事实是, 多亏了医疗保健和医疗技术的进步, 我们生活 越来越长我们需要在退休计划中考虑到这一点. Saving early and often for 你r retirement is an excellent step in the right direction when it comes to life planning.




有学士学位, 你’re more likely to have the additional income to plan and save for retirement — 你’re also more likely to have access to employer-sponsored retirement plans where 你r employer helps contribute to 你r retirement savings.

为退休做计划, 你 need job security to justify sending money towards 你r retirement each paycheck. 通过获得大学教育, 知道你有一个更安全的未来,你就可以放心了. The Bureau of Labor Statistics publishes an “Employment Projections” report each year. In 2022, people over the age of 25 with a bachelor’s degree were less likely to experience unemployment than their peers without a bachelor’s degree. 事实上, the unemployment rate for those with a bachelor’s or master’s degree is below the national unemployment rate.

“布法罗大学职业发展办公室对我来说是一笔巨大的财富. 我通过UB职业发展获得了我的第一份实习, 这让我有机会进入竞争激烈的行业. 我还是会时不时地和他们办公室联系. The support they provided me was instrumental in getting me the career I have 今天.——乔·珀克斯.


Colleges and Universities regularly lead the charge when it comes to advancing our knowledge of the world around us. 当你进入大学, 你’ll be an active participant in the enterprise and research that pushes us forward into the 21st century.

College and university programs pioneer changes in how we look at our energy consumption, 营养与粮食安全, 医疗保健和医疗保健访问, 还有更多. 不管你在大学里选择学什么, 你’ll learn from experts in their fields looking to train the next generation of forward thinkers (that’s 你!).

“Since graduating with my master’s degree in Human Nutrition, I’ve started a podcast. The podcast allows me to reach thousands of people with the nutritional wisdom I learned at UB. 我们的听众来自55个不同的国家! 我有机会采访临床营养学专家, 我和我的商业伙伴接下来要制作一部纪录片!——Elanie Welch


高等教育对第一代大学生来说意义重大, 提供独特的机会和利益,可以持续一生.

Here are some ways that a college education can be particularly valuable if 你’re a first-generation college student:

  • 获取资源
  • 打破刻板印象
  • 公民参与和领导
  • 更高的收入潜力
  • 社会流动性增强
  • 网络的机会
  • 个人成长与自信
  • 技能发展

“I came to 12bet with a mission to be the first college graduate in my family. 不管我在过去的四年中遇到了怎样的挑战, I will always thank UB for giving me the best college experience that I could’ve asked for.” –蒂莫西王子

值得注意的是,虽然高等教育有很多好处, 它也给第一代学生带来了独特的挑战. 支付大学学费, academic pressures, and feelings of isolation can impact 你r success while going to college.

At UB, we understand the challenges 你 face while trying to secure a better future for 你rself. 这就是为什么我们提供 综合支援服务 你需要读完大学,找到一份稳定的工作. 我们相信你有能力对自己产生积极的影响, 你的家人, 你的社区, 所以我们会一直陪着你吗!


Let’s zoom out a little and look at the value of higher education from a societal standpoint.
许多学院和大学, 如果不是大多数, 国家是地方和区域经济的重要驱动因素. 大学有助于创造就业机会, 促进地方经济, 增加学生的公民参与, 工作人员, 以及邻近的社区成员.*

高等教育也是技术创新背后的力量, 医学的进步, 以及我们如何理解周围世界的进化. The discussions happening 今天 at institutions of higher education will influence the way we function as a society in the future. 作为大学生思考我们对社会问题的理解, 他们将成为未来反思这种理解的政策制定者.

The culture of research and curiosity in higher education is difficult to recreate anywhere else. Even the entrepreneurs who spur economic change most likely developed their passion and drive for innovation during their time in college. 最终, college offers the exciting prospect of being a part of cultural and societal change bigger than 你rself.

“作为一名UB学生, I worked with skilled and experienced faculty members who helped me gain the knowledge and skill set that I needed for a career where I contribute to my community. I currently work as a Full Stack Net Developer on a government-funded project that helps provide affordable housing services to New Yorkers experiencing homelessness.——apson Shrestha

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*Source: The National Association of College and University Business Officers Report, “有了高等教育,一切皆有可能,” 2023.

**U.S. 劳工统计局,2022年